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A few words from our Chair of Trustees Mark Fermor

Just 12 short months on from our formal opening on 6 December 2019, and 8 months from our incorporation as a charity, Shropshire Cycle Hub completes an amazing year:

We set out to provide a place for folk to come together in support of cycling as sustainable transport, and we are now a friendly and welcoming place for the local community.

We set out to provide a place to fix up old bikes to provide for those who need a bike, and we are now running a professional workshop with two full time staff and two dozen volunteers turning out over 20 bikes a week.

We set out to offer a partnership approach to developing policy for the shift towards cycling as sustainable transport, and we are now working with local authorities, businesses, community groups, schools, police, NHS and public health departments, local and national cycling bodies and charities to help make positive change happen across Shropshire.

 We set out to make a positive difference for people who need transport and the freedom and healthy exercise that bikes can provide, and we are proud to have delivered over 400 bikes to nurses and other key workers, job seekers and refugees and provided support and training to help them make cycling part of their lives. 

We set out to help Shropshire achieve x5 increase in cycling by 2025 on the road to net zero carbon Shropshire 2030, and we are proud to have played our part in promoting the change we need in this tumultuous year.

Looking forward to 2021, we set out to build on what we are doing. We face the future with confidence and optimism for what we can achieve, and we welcome your interest and help, so whether you want to join us as a volunteer, work with us on policy, donate an old bike or some spare cash, or are looking for a bike or servicing and repair to help you get back on the road, you will find a friendly welcome at Shropshire Cycle Hub. Please get in touch.

Mark Fermor

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