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Bikes for Sale

Putting the 'CYCLE' in 'reCYCLE'
Some of the donated bikes we receive we renovate and sell for affordable prices. These range from road racers and commuters to kid's bikes and the occasional oddity. Prices usually start at £30 for a young child's bike or at £80 for an adults, these prices vary on the condition, age and quality of the bike. Come and visit us to see what we have in stock.

All the bikes we sell have been through our workshop and signed off by our professional mechanic. Where needed these bike have parts replaced, with good 2nd hand parts where possible, but please note that these are used bikes so they will have some wear and tear, scuff marks and potentially some parts that are towards the end of their useable life. When you buy a bike from us you are entitled to a 6 week check where we will check over the bike and make minor adjustments as needed.

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