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Donating a Bicycle.

Putting the 'CYCLE' in 'reCYCLE'

Give an old bike a new life!


Shropshire Cycle Hub is seeking donations of quality bikes and accessories for our work.

Please consider donating your old bike to us.  We run professional bike workshops to transform bikes and give them a new life as safe and sustainable healthy transport for those in need.


We have very limited space at the moment so unfortunately have to be very selective and can only use bikes that are in good condition.

Bikes that are pretty much mechanically sound, with some tweaks and tuning required, that we can get on the sales floor/project bikes list with minimal work are what we desperately need. Ideally these will have been stored indoors and have little to no rust. 

Bicycles that are rusty, have been outside, exposed to wet/damp environments or damaged with broken/missing components will struggle to be resurrected, and we will sadly have to decline. 

We don't want any of you to have a wasted journey, so please email, message on social media @ShropshireCycleHub, carrier pigeon or call in personally at 39 Castle Street Shrewsbury SY1 2BW or Cross Market Hall Oswestry SY11 2NG or WhatsApp or text (07485 212320) us some images and we can advise. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Best wishes

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