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Oswestry Hub Manager

Shropshire Cycle Hub is a young dynamic active travel charity with an operating base in Shrewsbury
and plans to extend our work across the county. We are founders and operators of the Shrewsbury
Rickshaw Service, and have been appointed by Oswestry Town Council (OTC) with support from
Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID) to provide a similar service for Oswestry, starting with
a one year pilot service to be based in Oswestry town centre.

This Hub Manager role is a new role being established by Shropshire Cycle Hub to lead on the
development of our work in Oswestry. The initial focus for the role is to manage and operate the
Oswestry Rickshaw Service on behalf of Oswestry Town Council and Oswestry Business Improvement

Shropshire Cycle Hub is developing plans to establish an operating base for our charity’s work in the
Oswestry area and the appointed Oswestry Hub Manager will play a major role in developing our
work locally. This new position is a key external facing role that will suit a passionate & dynamic
individual who is motivated to become part of our mission to develop active travel in the county,
working closely as part of our team.

In addition to our objectives to develop and succeed with the Oswestry Rickshaw Service, we also
aim to develop our broader services in the area, including providing a nucleus to grow a team of
volunteers, work on active travel projects, run events, and deliver workshop and local educational
services such as repairing, learning & riding opportunities for all.

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